How do we proceed?

After our first phone call you are more than welcome at my place in Katwijk for an appointment without any obligation. If you live far away, Skype is also an option although I prefer the personal contact. We get to know each other and we’ll see if there is a “click” between us. After all, marriage is a personal and intimate event. It is very important to understand each other!

Our second meeting will be at your place, because “ambience” is important for me. I often see something that I can use in my speech. Afterwards I go home with a big smile on my face, because these conversations are really unique! I always feel very privileged when a couple wants to share their love, past and expectations with me.

As far as I’m concerned, nothing inspires me more than pen and paper. They are my faithful companions in search for authentic words and sentences. So every speech is “made to measure”.

Do you have special wishes? Trust me! I know there is always a solution for everything!

On the actual wedding day I am present in ample time to be able to inspect everything and if necessary even to change the setting. For example, I find it very important that the wedding couple do not sit with their backs to their guests so that everyone can see their beaming faces and can share their emotions. It’s a little detail but it can make a big difference!

A Registrar does know how to improvise, how to respond with humour at the unexpected moments and having a quick and direct response to children’s remarks. I love those kind of challenges! I recently started singing a song (thankfully I can sing well) and everybody joined in!


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