Sabrina & Alexander O’Neill

Mrs. Anke Minnee was an absolute joy to have as the officiant for our town hall marriage in Katwijk and reception in Leiden in August 2023. From the start, she took the initiative to truly understand us as a couple, making our ceremony incredibly personalized and touching.

Mrs. Minnee’s delightful sense of humor infused the proceedings with warmth and joy, creating a memorable atmosphere for everyone present. What truly set her apart was her thoughtful inclusion of the children, making them an integral part of our special day. Moreover, her multilingual prowess, effortlessly transitioning between English, German, and Dutch, ensured that all our guests felt welcome and included, and allowed them all to fully grasp the beauty and meaning of the ceremony.

We wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Anke Minnee, especially to those marrying in the presence of a diverse, multilingual audience.

Sabrina & Alexander O’Neill
Married 18 August 2023
The Netherlands