Getting married abroad

Often the couples invite me to go with them to a foreign country. It is totally unexpected for their guests when the Registrar speaks to them in their own language. Beacause I am multilingual, everybody can understand your love story from the beginning till the end. So there will be smiles and tears for everybody.

I remember a very nice ceremony: the parents of the bride had a house in the south of France and as a little girl she dreamt to marry the “love of her life” over there. He was a Dutch guy and the ceremony took place in the little chapel of the village. I started to speak French because the couple didn’t tell anyone there would be a Dutch Registrar:

“Bonjour à vous, les futurs mariés, les parents…….”etc. And after some time I said: “Oh, excuse me, not everybody speaks French, I can try to speak some English (and I said it with a heavy French accent) and then I continued in Dutch… Everybody was relieved and started clapping their hands, they were very surprised and pleased. I’m sure the guests thought at the beginning of the ceremony: Oh no, I won’t understand a word of what she is going to say! Afterwards we drank a glass of champagne at the little square in front of the chapel. For all of us it was an amazing event!

Once, in Amsterdam I married a French couple on a boat. Their guests came from all over the world (France, Israel, Holland, etc.). Everybody enjoyed the ceremony because I told their love story in Dutch, English and French. In this way the wedding ceremony was the perfect start of an unforgettable day for the both of them and for their beloved guests!

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